I’ve moved!

Hello– I’ve moved my blog to my website! Hopefully, more exciting changes to come.

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hello, hello

wow. it’s been a long time since I’ve posted!

I have no drawings for you today, though I hope to start getting back on track- life and work are hard things to balance.

*WARNING* i will now talk about my life and troubles, so if you don’t wanna know, don’t read. 🙂

To be honest, I’ve been dealing with bouts of feeling particularly low since the summer and have been trying different things to try to climb out of my funks. I started this blog to encourage myself to draw because I realized that drawing and being creative make me happy. I took up swimming because I think physical exertion makes me happy and running (actually, jogging really slowly >.<) was getting really boring. These two things were great, but I kept falling back down and I realized that in addition to being creative through drawing, etc. I also need a crafty side– a kind of mindless creative production, like binding books, or making cards. So I took up knitting!
This has been really nice as it enables me to relax and listen to the radio/watch a movie after work hours and feel like I’m still doing something instead of feeling constantly guilty that I’m not working. Plus I’m thinking about Christmas– why so early? because I’m super poor and usually doing things cheaply but nicely means taking more time. So I just finished knitting my baby cousin (who is now 6 months? but according to my mother is HUGE and is already wearing clothes for a 12 month old) a sweater and a tiny hat:
my first knitting projects, done!
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daily doodle #28

i started swimming!

yes, it is a kid’s swimsuit, because I am small and ‘grown-up’ swimsuits don’t seem to fit me. yes, it is, perhaps, the most unflattering swimsuit i have ever had the privilege to wear. yes, i feel like a sausage and yet, perhaps because of this, i feel surprisingly relaxed and happy when i wear it.
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daily doodle #27

I took this past weekend to relax a bit and re-order/consider some things.

The past couple weeks my partner has been held up at work on a project that doesn’t seem to want to get fixed, sometimes coming at 4 in the morning, sometimes 7 (also in the morning), and then crashing for a couple hours and going back to work. We haven’t seen much of each other lately. So we took this weekend to relax together, which was nice. Mainly sleeping, cooking (I finally made my pumpkin pudding!), eating, and watching a movie or three. We also went out (and got a little lost) on a hunt to collect moss because we want to make a little moss garden, especially since my plants are dying from the limited light in my apartment. This included stopping suddenly and grabbing handfuls of dirt/moss, hoping the owner of the lawn wouldn’t mind/notice, and shoving them into my partners hands who would then nonchalantly pocket said handfuls. It was fun because it was beautiful outside and it’s been a long time since we did anything together. and also, I like plants.

Anyway, all this to say why I didn’t post and also thinking about upcoming projects and if I will continue posting daily doodles. I might take a short break to catch up on some things, but we’ll see how things pan out.

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daily doodle #26


the first book!


So I didn’t post yesterday because I finally got excited about my comic: Momo’s Land of Candy, again! It’s been 4 months since I finished the first book as part of my thesis project and now, after being burnt out from it, I feel like I’m ready to start the second chapter. Yay!





On the other hand, my life is infested with fruit flies. Since the weather has gotten colder, we closed the windows, which seems to have helped them multiply by, like, a billion. I drew a little comic about it:


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daily doodle #25


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daily doodles #24

So now that it’s fall, I’ve been getting super excited about fall foods! Things like stews and soups that were too hot for summer. Foods like pumpkin pie, pumpkin pudding, pumpkin cream *drool*

Fall is my favorite time of year– apples grow abundantly everywhere and there’s a lot of urban foraging to be done, for cheapskates like me. So, in a nutshell, I’ve been excited to cook and eat! Unfortunately, it’s also the season for rain– cold, cold rain. And while this is great for sitting indoors, warm, with a bowl of hot chili, it makes it hard to go out and get the ingredients to make said bowl of chili. Further, since I don’t have a car, this brings me back to the fact: I hate the rain.

Happy Fall!
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